Elliott's Classses


   Our Mission

To help families provide their children with strong emotional, social and physical foundations through a range of unique classes. Our trained instructors apply "The Elliott Method," a combination of movement science and child development theory, to each of our programs. We believe that children's classes should focus on developing life skills and a sense of pride and achievement through an experience that is fun.


Elliott’s Classes was founded with the belief that children’s movement classes can be a fun way to have a meaningful impact on a child’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. We offer gymnastics, dance, and an art/story program. Developed by Elliott Cortez, Ph.D., a child psychologist and former gymnast, “The Elliott Method,” combines movement science with child development theory (CDT) for children ages 6 weeks through 14 years.  By considering a child’s perspective, our classes have been designed to not only enhance our students’ development, but to enrich other areas of their lives such as learning, speech, listening skills and social behavior. Elliott’s program is success-based rather than skills-based, thereby applauding a child’s willingness to simply attempt challenges. 

During his practice as a child psychologist, Elliott often found himself referring patients to include gymnastics in their therapy program to build social and behavioral skills. Eventually, he put his technique into practice by leading classes at several NYC children’s gym centers. The response to his unique programming was overwhelming and compelled him to open the first Elliott’s Gymnastics Class Center in 1992. Today, Elliott’s Classes have evolved into a center with a full range of children’s programming with the goal of making a positive impact on as many children as possible. 

At our classes, we have fostered a culture based in community. We take a serious interest in the growth of your child and actively discuss how caregivers can encourage a child’s development, form positive behaviors and understand their needs. We understand that parenthood often comes with many mysteries and a strong network of resources can make a huge difference. That is why we also offer free infant classes for babies beginning at 6 weeks. We welcome you to join our community.