“We love Elliott’s gym and I felt it was time for the boys to get a taste of the preschool experience with a longer day, more activities, cooperating as part of a group, and listening to new leaders. My kids had their first drop-off experience there and the staff helped them through it with compassion and understanding. One of my sons also made great strides in potty training this summer and I think part of it was because he learned to communicate to new leaders that he needed to go. It helped him build confidence to use the potty any time anywhere.
— Sophie

“Elliott’s and Kids In Bloom have been an instrumental part in not only my children’s development, but mine as a parent. Last summer we were full time and this summer we returned for a few days*.The staff didn’t skip a beat. The flexibility was amazing for our crazy schedule and we were welcomed as if he was there every day. Knowing that my son can go to a place where he feels safe is everything to me. My son learned so much at his time at KIB, but to him it was all fun and games! Thank you to Elliott, Grace and the KIB staff for giving my family a safe place for all of us to learn and grow!”
— Laura

“From the first day we attended Kids in Bloom, I felt like everyone really cared about our daughter and her well-being. I was comfortable leaving her and I know it made the drop-off transition a lot easier. My daughter has learned so much since being in that class that she comes home and knows of shapes I wasn’t even aware of! I [also] love that KIB is so flexible... If our child is sick or we are traveling everyone is great about accommodating us, and that’s hard to find.

I truly believe it’s a wonderful place to send your child. I love that it is bilingual. They have been great about informing me of any progress my daughter has made or if they have any concerns at all. The communication has been excellent all year. I really like that they make the extra effort to get kids outside as often as possible to explore the neighborhood, look at bugs, play on the rooftop, etc. It’s so wonderful to see my daughter blossom into this bright young child and I give lots of credit to everyone at KIB for helping mold her. I can’t wait to start another wonderful year”
— Blaire

“I researched a number of different kinds of schools and was immediately drawn to KIB. My son has a lot of energy and I liked the learning through play aspect for his age. He loves it there.
All of the teachers at KIB are so warm, encouraging and embracing of his personality. He just started over the summer and is already saying a few words of Spanish, doing lots of different arts and crafts and learning a lot!”

“We chose Kids in Bloom for our son’s first separation experience because we new and trusted Elliot’s Gym and their philosophy’s on child development. We were also thrilled that by signing up for KIB, we would also have access to a weekly tumbling class! Our son is a very active two year old. The Kids in Bloom staff seemed to honor his personality rather than try to alter it. They encouraged him to move his body and challenge himself physically and emotionally. They helped him to find words or other movements to use when he was over or frustrated. My son seemed comfortable to be himself there and we felt confident that he would have a positive, happy day at Kids In Bloom.”
— Evelyn

“We chose KIB for our summer camp experience because our daughter has had such a great experience in Elliott’s classes from when she began them at 6 months. She truly loved going every day and was comfortable from day one with the warm welcome she received from the teachers. She had a great summer and looked forward to going whenever I mentioned school. She learned a lot this summer in terms of expanding her vocabulary and being in the class with other children also improved her social skills.

KIB is unique in that it feels like a small, play-based learning community in a big city. KIB is an intimate experience and its hard to find that sort of personalized attention for children that allows the parents and children to feel comfortable and at ease almost immediately. All of the teachers were warm and engaging.”
— Jackie