Pre-Nursery with Elliott's Classes

For over 20 years, Elliott's Classes has been an Upper West Side mainstay, educating children using "The Elliott Method," developed by Elliott Cortez, Ph.D. 

We believe that a child's core skills should be nourished in a warm and fun environment. Instructors will teach children to express themselves appropriately, build confidence and social skills, while introducing a love of learning during our art and story-time. This can be combined with an Elliott's Classes gym class, so children can become comfortable in their bodies, exercise, and experience success while still being kids.

Our pre-nursery is great for those who are looking to prepare children for nursery school, and would like something play based and community minded!

creative play, story, art

When children arrive, they will have the time for creative play. They can sit and look through books, play with our blocks, toys, kitchen set, puzzles, and dress up center! This gives them the chance for socialization and to ease into the day.

Next, the kids will experience circle and story time, singing songs and greeting each other, and then sitting together for story time. 

The children will then work on an art project based on the book. Every project is pre-planned with the intention of working on fine and gross motor skills. 


The kids will also have a blast in a daily gym class, which will be a chance for them to let loose and exercise in a safe environment.

Opportunity for separation

We provide a lounge for the grown ups if you are looking to begin a gentle separation process! 

pricing (per week):


1 day: $105.00

2 days: $210.00

3 days: $310.00

4 days: $410.00

5 days: $510.00


1 day: $60.00

2 days: $210.00

3 days: $175.00

4 days: $225.00





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Inspiring kids to develop a positive sense of self, an eagerness to learn, and an appreciation for the world they inhabit.