Class Descriptions

Our program is designed to promote a child's willingness to attempt challenges and applauds everything our young students work towards achieving. Skills are taught in progressions, with an emphasis on safety and providing children with a sense of accomplishment. The age designations of each class serve as guidelines. We will help you identify the most appropriate class for your child based on his/her needs.



Free Infant Class (Newborn - 6 months)
This free introductory class geared towards new parents introduces babies to new stimuli including sounds and movements through the usage of music, bells, hoops and vivid colors. This class is instrumental in helping new parents develop a sense of community and gain early insight into the development and needs of their babies. Attendees learn how communication, even at this early stage, can shape a baby's world.

Start Our Small (6 months - walking)
Designed to introduce babies to different sounds and movements, we create an environment that helps them to become comfortable with different faces and voices. Little ones engage in activities to help them build a tolerance to sounds and changes, which also lends to better sleeping. Activities are incorporated to help stimulate the muscles used for crawling and walking. Music, bells, hoops, and vivid colors are also used to stimulate these babies.

Tots-A-Lot (10 - 17 months)
Activities in this class have a broader focus on coordination and balance to develop movement and motor skills. Listening for instruction takes on a greater role, teaching children to wait for cues in order to begin play. Classes follow a regular structure, encouraging children to anticipate the routine. We utilize music, bells, hoops, and vivid colors to encourage budding toddlers to move and explore the world around them.

Super-Tots (18 - 24 months)
Class activities encourage children to peer outside of their own environment as they begin socializing through parallel play. Simultaneously, a child's independence begins building as confidence and self-awareness grow through special "by myself" activities without the intervention of grown ups. Activities at this age are focused on developing early cognitive development. Children are introduced to basic gymnastics skills on the balance beam, swing bar and other apparatuses. All activities are explored through creative games like taking pretend trips to the zoo, riding an NYC bus, etc.

Tumbling Twos (24 - 36 months)
Children are introduced to the concept of separation as a part of their lives as adults are encouraged to watch activities from the sidelines of class. While enjoying the fun activities introduced in the earlier classes, we teach children patience as they wait to take turns and using listening ears to foster socialization. We continue to foster independence, building confidence and self-awareness through special "kids only" activities, while teaching gymnastics skills.

Transitional Twos (2.5 - 3.5yrs)
The concept of separation, taking turns and listening continues to be a focus as we work on improving a child's ability to take directions from their teachers. Activities include developing basic gymnastics skills on the balance beam and swing bar, executing leaps and tumbles and participating in guided dance parties. As always, children receive positive feedback on their accomplishments so that they leave class with a sense of pride.

Beginning Tumbling I (3-5yrs)
Children's activities continue to foster independent work, introduce separation and teach children to set behavioral limits for themselves, while instilling pride in their accomplishments. Children are encouraged to take audio direction rather than visually mimicking activities.

Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling (5+yrs)
This class is designed to further enhance gymnastics skills acquired in Beginning Tumbling. Compulsory skills dictated by the United States Gymnastics Federation are the foundation of this class.

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Pre-Ballet (2 - 3yrs)
Children enjoy learning basic ballet positions, twirling and toe tapping. At the same time, they are introduced to the concepts of separation, taking turns, using listening ears to help foster socialization and respecting the boundaries of others. We also incorporate grace, body control and musicality through creative movement games.

Ballet I (3 - 4yrs)
This class focuses on ballet technique to develop poise and balance, and more importantly, independence and teaching children to set limits for themselves. Children are encouraged to take direction rather than visually mimicking steps. Strength and coordination are improved through creative movement games and basic ballet positions and skills.

Ballet II (3.5-5yrs)
This advanced ballet class focuses on improving techniques acquired in earlier ballet classes, with an emphasis on taking direction and body control. We develop strength, flexibility and coordination through combination steps. Students are also encouraged to set their own goals and practice independently.

Combo (2-3 yrs)

Children enjoy learning basic ballet positions, twirling and toe tapping. At the same time, they are introduced to the concepts of separation, taking turns, using listening ears to help foster socialization and respecting the boundaries of others. We integrate Elliott's Classes tumbing into the class, making this a fast paced, energetic time for the children!


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