Kids In Bloom Preschool Alternative

Kids in Bloom is a unique preschool alternative program established by Elliott's Classes. For over 20 years, Elliott's Classes has been an Upper West Side mainstay, educating children using "The Elliott Method," developed by Elliott Cortez, Ph.D. Our preschool alternative program introduces children ages 2 - 4.5 to the concept of separation in a nurturing environment while promoting their natural development. Central to our method is a curriculum that incorporates movement science with child development theory (CDT) to encourage physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

We believe that a child's core skills should be nourished in a warm and fun environment. Our experienced instructors are trained to look at the world from a child's perspective while facilitating a gentle separation process. Over either our 2.5 or 4 hour program, children are guided through enriching activities including circle time, music, creative play, gym, art, gardening and storytime. Instructors also introduce children to alternative forms of communication including Spanish. This full program is designed to teach children to express themselves appropriately, build confidence and social skills, while introducing a love of learning. 

Our goal is to provide families with an environment that will enable their children to bloom. We welcome the opportunity to become a part of your family. To schedule a tour, join us, or get more information about our program, you can e-mail our Kids In Bloom Director, Grace Fary at

Our Kids In Bloom pre-school alternative includes interactive classrooms, outdoor play space and garden, and full gym access!



Summer 2017 Semester (June 5th-September 1st)        




Elliott's Classes continues their 20+ years of experience and their warm, nuturing environment in their Kids In Bloom Summer Camp, for children ages 2-4.5. 

Campers will participate in a day of creative play, music, art, story time, rooftop play, and gym, in both English and Spanish. 9:00-1:00 session will also incude daily trips to the Community Gardens or Central Park! Enrollment also includes access to our Open Play sessions.

Click here for our daily schedule, FAQ, themes, and more!


Weekly Pricing- sign up for as many days or weeks as you'd like! If you committ to a minimum of 9 weeks, you receive a complimentary weekly gym or dance class!





1 day/week: $100     1 day/week: $160     1 day/week: $120
2 days/week: $195     2 days/week: $315     2 days/week: $235
3 days/week: $285     3 days/week: $460     3 days/week: $345
4 days/week: $380     4 days/week: $610     4 days/week: $458
5 days/week: $475     5 days/week: $760    



Fall Semester (September 11th- January 19th)

Winter/Spring Semester (January 22nd-May 25th)

Beginning this Fall, in addition to our 2's and 3's programs, Kids in Bloom will offer a Kindergarten Readiness program for 4's!

Our preschool alternative program works toward fostering skills that will provide students with the tools to enter elementary school. With the introduction to a structured schedule, the 2's program introduces children to socialization with an emphasis on community. Our 3's program takes these skills, building on them with more advanced concepts such as phonological and quantitative awareness.

Kids in Bloom's expanded 4's program will encourage children to become creative, inquisitive thinkers, ready to advance to a full-day kindergarten program. This class will develop skills in literacy, STEM, movement, and art in both English and Spanish, through monthly thematic units. In our inviting classrooms, students learn through child-centered instruction in collaborative and independent settings. Outside, children will be able to engage with the material in neighborhood walks and rooftop play. 

Kids In Bloom kids should leave preschool with a positive sense of self, an eagerness to learn, and an appreciation for the world they inhabit.

You can register for any combination of days. All enrollment includes a FREE weekly gym or dance class! Pricing is per 17 week semester. 

9:00-11:30        9:00-1:00
1 day: $1,700      1 day: $2,720
2 days: $3,145      2 days: $5,032
3 days: $4,720      3 days: $7,548
4 days: $6,120      4 days: $9,792
5 days: $7,438      5 days: $11,900